About BVNA

Buena Vista Neighborhood Association (BVNA) was started more than 50 years ago by an engaged group of neighbors. Today, BVNA serves as an important advocate, steward and benefactor of Buena Vista Park. In an effort to maintain, enhance and improve the park, and for the benefit of all city residents and its visitors, BVNA organizes volunteer work days, applies for grants and works to identify and leverage the involvement of corporate sponsors.

For local neighborhood issues, the association also serves as a forum for neighbors to share information and work towards maintaining  and improving neighborhood quality of life, through both advocacy and direct action. In this capacity BVNA serves residents and property owners in the area generally bordered by Oak Street on the north; Divisadero/Castro Streets on the east; 16th Street, upper States, Levant, Lower Terrace and Saturn Streets to Roosevelt Way and 17th Street on the south; and Ashbury Street on the west.

BVNA sends out a monthly email newsletter and periodic updates. Please sign up if you would like to be kept informed of park news and other neighborhood events. We will never share your email address.